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The Aberdeen Academy of Beauty Therapy strives to improve the standards in the ever-changing beauty industry by providing courses for beginners and advanced therapists. We’ve spoken a lot about the beauty courses at the Academy but, who are the tutors? What are they like? We had a chat with the beauty trainers about their favourite treatments, products and aspects of their job so that we can get to know them more.

What’s your favourite treatment to do on others?

Emily L: I absolutely love everything nails💅

Emily H: I love doing gel polish as everyone needs pretty nails!

Laura: My favourite treatment to do is definitely brow lamination – especially when a client wants them big & fluffy 🤍!!

Katie: I absolutely love doing facials. I love nothing more than helping a client with problem skin. Blackheads? Let me at them! 😂

Jenny: It has to be bridal Makeup, everything about it makes me happy. From the atmosphere, the reveal and even the last-minute rush before they head out the door.

Sammy: 💉Microblading its such a transformation, I love being able to help clients who are about to undergo chemotherapy or those with alopecia. Making them feel a little bit more like themselves is very special. 

Alana: Definitely eyelash extensions, they are my pride & joy to do. I love the difference they can make & they can be styled to suit anyone, male or female!

What treatment do you love to get done as a treat for yourself?

Emily L: Definitely a good wax.. think everyone is missing that right now😂

Emily H: Love receiving a facial, spending time on other people’s skin makes it all the more enjoyable being treated to it!!

Laura: I love going for a massage or a facial for a pamper – helps me feel chilled and stress-free after busy salon life!

Katie: A massage is always a nice treat! ❤

Jenny: My lashes!! I feel like I look like a potato without them!

Sammy:👠I love a pedicure, I’m always at 100 miles an hour, so my feet really love the treat. The Footlogix pedicure followed by a foot massage is total bliss!

Alana: Honestly I’m quite high maintenance 😂 so every month I either do treatments on myself or get them done! I love always having my brows microbladed, waxing done, lash extensions on, nails done & a tan!

What’s your favourite aspect of the beauty industry?

Emily L: The clients 100%, they give you all the gossip & news💁🏻‍♀️

Emily H: My favourite part of the beauty industry is all the great friends I’ve made along the way

Laura: My favourite thing about the industry is how closely I get to work with the girls & form such a good bond with them, definitely helps get through the day💪🏽👩🏽‍🤝‍👩🏼 also love how fab clients feel after they’ve had their treatments 💅🏾

Katie: Building relationships with clients. Some have become such great friends over the years. Think we see some clients more than they see their family and best friends 😂

Jenny: Making others feel amazing about themselves and of course all the gossip too!

Alana: It has to be making people feel good as well as knowing my clients can come to me to escape the outside world & confide in me. I get to talk to so many people & Iv made lots of friends over the years who were or are clients. 

What’s one of your all-time favourite products to use?

Emily L: My favourite product to use is my rotary electric cleanser, my skin has never been in such good condition!

Emily H: My all-time favourite product is The Studio Salons apple, aloe vera and avocado clay mask as it takes away the redness of my skin and smells sooooo good😍

Laura: Body scrubs are 100% my fav products to use – love feeling smooth 24/7

Katie: My favourite product has to be the microdermabrasion machine. Love seeing the results on the filter 🤢

Jenny: Oooh tricky one! Laura Mercier Illuminating Primer is a firm fave.

Sammy:🧖🏼‍♀️My silicone facial cleanser, I have always had problems with skin and using this twice daily really helps to deep clean my skin and keep it clear. 

Alana: Definitely gradual tan! I couldn’t be without it. A quick application of Vita Liberata in the morning & I’m glowing by lunchtime 💁🏽‍♀️

What’s your favourite part of the training process?

Emily L: When you see the confidence in the student at the end of the day compared to the beginning of the day 🥰

Emily H: My favourite part of the training process is watching someone improve and follow their ambitions!

Laura: What I love about training others is how much you can grow someone’s confidence and it’s an amazing feeling when you can see how much their works improved from using what you’ve taught them🥰

Katie: I love sharing my knowledge with the students. Love seeing them grow! 🌱

Jenny: When students first come in, most are quiet and reserved but by the end of the course they are full of motivation and confidence. I love that I’m able to give them that reassurance that they’ve got this 💪🏻

Sammy: 🙋🏻‍♀️Watching a student’s journey and seeing their skills progress over time. I have girls who started their journey as junior and are now running my salons for me it’s so rewarding to watch.

Alana: I love teaching beginners & sharing all the knowledge I’ve learnt over the last 19 years. But I also love mentoring beauty therapists who just need a pick me up or refresher course to get their love for our industry back if they’ve lost some enthusiasm, particularly over the last year it’s been great to support so many people who are struggling.

This was a great opportunity to get to know a bit more about these inspiring women in the beauty industry and what they do for a living. Training plays a big part in most industries so it’s good to know that students at the Aberdeen Academy of Beauty Therapy are in good hands. You can book Aberdeen Academy of Beauty Therapy courses on the Beauty Booker Training Hub.

Interview by:

Kirstin Brown

Instagram: Thrifty Mango


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